A Collection Of Dissertation Topics In Financial Management

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Do you need some unique and interesting dissertation topics in financial management? No problem! We can provide you with the best topics, where you will definitely be able to choose one and write a powerful dissertation and the good grade will be sure. There are many topics to choose from, but not every one of them is interesting to read. That is why we have a collection of dissertation topics which will give you the opportunity to do research and to write the best content for it.
Here are our recommendations for you!

  1. According to Barrett (2011) – you can approach this with a critical appraisal, and it is a topic which will give you the opportunity to express your opinion and to give a comment on this part of the story.
  2. Lines of credit in finance: This is a case study. In this dissertation you can show how decision making make organisations to use money or credits in the corporate management.
  3. Financial risk management in maritime finance
  4. The volatility was affected by modifications in the financing of ships and also financial institutions become more cautious.

  5. A critical talk of the use, to the investment
  6. You can talk about how risk is a dangerous component of investing, and you can also do more research in order to go deeper into the problem.

  7. Analysis of how the risk that international banks experience in cross-border operations
  8. Correlation between the expectations of internal and external auditors
  9. This is an introduction to a fresh Dutch Corporate Governance code which has been unknown in the new age of corporate governance.

  10. Since 2010, what has the IMF done to fight its perceived institutional illegitimacy and inefficiency?
  11. You can answer this question with adding your opinion.

  12. The Bank of England and its controversial approach
  13. The quantitative easing to the current financial crisis has been driven by controversy.

  14. Analysis of the linkages between corporate strategy and capital structure
  15. This topic will allow you to analyse and to do research, but also tell your opinion on the topic and problem.

  16. Investment banking: Global multinationals or regional players?
  17. Answer this question with the help of research.

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