Hints For Coming Up With Interesting PhD Thesis Topics On Finance

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Writing a PhD thesis is serious business. One of the most challenging parts of the whole procedure is coming up with a topic. The topic needs to be much more specific than simply writing about finance. The topic needs to state the point of the paper clearly and concisely. The challenge comes with choosing the right words that will create a succinct title that will get the attention of the PhD committee.

So what do students do to create an interesting topic? Students need to include a few components. The first is a clear expectation that the readers will see and the next is that the title also needs to explain what will be taught. These need to be clear so the reader fully knows what to expect.

Topics need to be highly focused. For example, students can write about finance around the world, focusing on individual areas. They can also focus on small aspects of finance. Here are some examples:

  1. The Effect of the Low Interest Rates on Refinanced Mortgages
  2. Comparing Conventional Banks and Online Banks in the UAE
  3. Exploring Internet Banking in South America
  4. The Financing of Professional Sports Through Online Marketing
  5. Microfinancing benefitting the benefactor
  6. Corporate Rescue in the US and Its Effect on European Banks
  7. Greek Financing Issues and the Effects on US Banks

These topics you focus on need to be something that you are interested in, because you will be writing about the topic for several months. If the topic bores you, then you will most likely write a thesis that is boring, too. The topic also needs to be flexible. You might have a good plan to focus in one direction, but your research might take you elsewhere. It is much easier to revise a title that to change an entire paper.

Some students will write a handful of titles because choosing one can be challenging. Those students will bring their title ideas to their advisers who help them narrow it done or even combine titles to create the ideal one. It can also be helpful to look at your school’s database for titles that could inspire you. The ideas do not have to come from finance papers, but from completely different topics.

Creating a title is a challenging task, even though it seems like it should be easy to write one. Use everything that you can to put together a title that will impress your advisory committee.

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