Top Tricks to Writing a Dissertation

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Wouldn’t you love to be able to crack the code on some of life’s most difficult tasks? Just think how much easier things could be if you could just snap your fingers and magically have everything fall into place. Dissertations require quite a bit of practice and time to get right so it comes as no wonder that people are always on the hunt for those secret tips that can make the process easier. Well we can’t promise it will ever be as easy as snapping your fingers, we can provide you with a few tricks that can help.

Set a Goal and Stick with It

Just like with anything in life, it’s very important to set goals with your dissertation writing, usually in the form of deadlines. Write these goals down and be sure you don’t veer off track. This is not only an excellent time management trick, but it also helps to keep you organized. You may find it prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. Along these same lines is procrastination, something that gets the better of everyone from time to time. While there is nothing wrong with taking breaks from writing, procrastinating is something you want to avoid. It’s very easy to put something off until suddenly there’s no time left and you’re left scrambling. This is the worst situation to be in, so it’s best to refer back to those goals and stick with them.

Ask Questions and Be Open to Comments

It’s very important to ask questions when you are feeling unsure about things and be open to the comments from the editing committee. Don’t take things personally when they do have feedback, look at it as a way to better your dissertation and a learning experience for you. At the same time you can ask what their expectations are and if they’ve got additional feedback which can help you in the process. Don’t pretend to be a mind reader as it will make your life much harder.

Don’t Compare Yourselves to Others

While it can be very tempting to ask how much your friends have accomplished on their dissertation, the fact of the matter is that it can end up derailing you. You may find yourself feel discouraged because they are further ahead then you, or you may figure you’re so far ahead of them you’ve got plenty of time so why not put it aside for a while. Stay on track and focus on you without worrying about what others are doing.

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